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About El Arosa

El Arosa tea has managed in a short time to become the number one Tea brand for Egyptians. Price, quality and taste are the three main factors that have been leading the process in the production and sales. From the very beginning, the founders have been concerned to create an extraordinary tea that would stand out and customers would seek out. They have succeeded in providing their customers with a delicious aromatic cup of tea at an affordable price. They have managed in a very short time to compete in the market; many big retailers have freed special places on their front rack for this uniqe tea brand. But how was our start?
At that time, Tea has become the core business for the founders. They have specialized in importing and packaging tea under a new brand name called “El Arosa”. In no time, El Arosa has dominated the Egyptian market and became an essential component in the Egyptian’s life; at home, at the cafes and even at work. It became the leading tea brand in Egypt and the Middle East.

El Arosa tea enjoyed everywhere
After the great success of El Arosa tea in Egypt, the founders have decided to get an international exposure for their tasteful tea. They started to export their tea to a number of Arab countries in the Middle East as well as a number of European nations and the U.S. The uplifting, aromatic beverage is now savored everywhere, providing all those who try it with an exclusive tea experience.